Gin Tonic Bombay Sapphire

9.50 €

We aromatize with green lemon and orange, and serve it with strawberries.

To macerate this gin is carefully cultivated and selected botanical spices ranging from juniper, coriander, lemon bark, cassia root, liquorice, lily root and Angelica, cubeba, almonds to the grains of paradise, resulting in a gin capable of maintaining flavor and textures with a smooth and balanced sweetness. The Bombay Sapphire Gin is a gynaecologist produced in Chesire, England in mid-1987. This gin magically combines the central elements of all spirits made from grain alcohol, obtained by a triple distillation that then crosses the vapors where the botanical aggregates are deposited, extracting the deepest oils and aromas.


Gin Tonic Hendrick´s

9.50 €

At the time of serving we aromatize it with green lemon and cucumber bark.

With its classic and sober style, the Hendrick s gin is a brand that represents the traditional infusion of juniper with the Damascene rose and cucumber, giving a qualitatively appreciable flavor without losing attention to the floral aroma that the freshness of the rose proposes.


Gin Tonic London Nº1

9.50 €

Served with juniper berries and green lemon rind.

Gin London Nº1 is a turquoise drink that stands out in presentation and texture of flavors of the others but reversing the values of the distillery tradition. The GinebraLondon Nº1 is made from the pure spirit of the English grain, with water of incredible purity and herbaceous aggregates rigorously selected from the most diverse corners of the planet, such as the juniper berries of Croatia, cassia of China, cinnamon of Ceylon and root of lilies of Italy, root of Angelica and savory of the French Alps, Greek almonds, coriander of Morocco and finally liquorice of Turkey, all a sensitive experience concentrated in a melous, soft and integral gin.


Gin Tonic Bulldog

9.50 €

We aromatize it with green lemon and give it a touch of licorice.

The Bulldog Gin is an English gin that represents a brand in which the essences of juniper predominate, that does not exceed the preference of this essence and that nuances with floral aggregates such as poppy seeds, lichee, lavender and dragon’s eye with soft notes of liquorice and orange to place its unique taste in the taste of experienced gin drinkers.


Gin Tonic Tanqueray

9.50 €

We aromatize with green lemon and orange, and add sliced orange.

The Tanqueray gin is presented in aromas with fresh juniper and sweet alcohol, then appear subtly earthy notes that are tinged with herbaceous. The Tanqueray gin is a brand originating in England and currently produced in Scotland, which produces different varieties of gins in aromas and alcoholic percentages. It is produced from doubly distilled grain alcohol and in the second distillation is when the four botanical herbs, licorice, angelica root, coriander seeds and juniper are incorporated in a unique proportion for this gin.