Tasting Menu



Entrees to share

Iberian ham tartar with peas cream and peppermint*

* In this entree we use the Iberian ham belong to the Beher house, the most awarded Iberian ham in the world 

Goat cheese au gratin with our tomato jam*


Codfish fritter mix with red pepper cream and browned garlic allioli

Roast Octopus on romescu sauce


Individual main dish 

Iberian Cheek Glazed with  sauce

of Valencian red wine, “Bobalia”, and a base of candied potato*


Cheesecake with blueberry

Brownie with vanilla ice cream 

Crème brûlée 

Tiramisú with valencian orange liqueur 

25 € per person 

From two diners.


* Served at a full table. Ask the waiter if in doubt

* Gluten Free